“Through photography and unwritten words I can travel. It’s my reality escape, sense of tranquility.”

Random faces are unfinished stories that she is looking for. It is difficult to enter into a personal space. Watching all the shapes from a distance, realising how many samples of grey there is. Metaphors blurring each path on the way. The details are hidden perspectives contrasts.

She likely resorts to graphic techniques because of it. To reach simplicity, without any disturbing side trash. She reflects upon her own struggles by reading all the patterns in our perceptions.


Tjasa Gnezda, born in 1985 in Ljubljana, completed her studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication Studies - Media and Communication Studies. After she started to improve in the field of visual arts; with a course of graphic techniques in The International Graphic Art Center in Ljubljana and a professional fashion photography program at the Scuola di Fotografia Professionale e Multimedia in Firenze. Recently she upgraded her video production at Innsbruck Film Campus residency.